Digital Thermometers For Sale & Price In Kenya – Clinical, Food

A well functioning Thermometer provides accurate temperature readings.

There are wide range of thermometers available in the market.

Clinical thermometers are designed for checking body temperature in infants and adults.

Food thermometers  are used to measure the temperature of food.

Air/room thermometers measure the temperature of the surrounding air.

All these types of thermometers usually come with different features.

Price & Availability

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Types Of  Clinical Thermometers Available

Clinical Thermometers include digital stick thermometers, strip thermometers and the digital infrared thermometers.

In addition, some of these thermometers are multi-functional and can also be used to measure animal body temperature as well as room, food and liquid temperature.

Digital Non Contact Infrared Thermometers

The non-contact thermometers are touch-less and do not come into contact with the surfaces. They usually make use of Infrared sensor technology.

You simply have to point the thermometer from a distance on a person’s forehead.

They are easy to use and normally give quick results. They are fast, comfortable and precise.

Some of them can also measure liquid and room temperature. Some of them are referred as the gun thermometers.

Gun Multi-purpose Non-contact Thermometer

Measures human & animal body, room, milk, food, bath water temperature.

Has body, animal and surface modes

High temperature alarm for body temperature

3 to 5 cm measuring range

Battery powered

Large LCD display

3 Color Backlit

Price: KSh 1,500 Buy Now

Portable Touchless Thermometer

Measures forehead, bathwater and milk temperature.

Has body and surface modes

High temperature alarm

Rechargeable battery

Stores 32 sets of data memory

Auto power off

Large LCD display

Price: KSh 1,299 Buy Now

Ear Infrared Thermometers

Ear Infrared Thermometers are easy and quick to use. They make use of the infrared sensor technology to measure ear temperature. They have a small tube located at one end for inserting  in the ear.

Infrared Thermometer

Measures ear and forehead temperature.

Automatic power-off

Stores 12 sets of data memory

Available in different colors

Large backlit display

1 second measurement

Power saving mode

Easy and fast

Price: KSh 1,199 Buy Now

Digital Stick Thermometers

Digital Stick Thermometers are very affordable and the most common. Body Stick Thermometers are used to measure oral, underarm, and rectal temperature.

Electronic Digital Thermometer

For oral, underarm or rectal use

Digital LCD display

Compact, accurate and durable

Quick 1 minute measurement

Measuring range: 32.0-42.0 degree celsius

Has memory function

Easy to read

Price: KSh 399 Buy Now

Strip Thermometer

Strip thermometers are fitted with liquid crystals that change color to indicate the temperature. They are usually used to measure forehead temperature. They are convenient to use and to carry during outdoor activities.

No batteries are required. These strips are non-toxic and unbreakable .

10pcs Forehead Strip Thermometer

Measures forehead temperature

Easy to use

Quick measure

Pocket size and portable

Safe to use

Convenience to carry

Price: KSh 99 Buy Now


Digital Mouth Pacifier Thermometer

This mouth thermometer is shaped like a common pacifier. It is designed for children aged under 4 years of age. The thermometer is placed into babies’ mouth and is ideal for measurement of body temperature.

Digital Mouth Pacifier Thermometer
LCD display, easy and clear to read.

3 minute measurement

On/Off button

Safe to use, No mercury is used

Auto shut-off function



Price: KSh 249 Buy Now

Food Thermometers

There are a variety of food thermometers available. Some are designed for use when food is cooking while others are used to measure the temperature after food has cooked.

Digital Cooking Thermometer

Lightweight and portable

Memory of last measure

15 minutes auto shutdown for power saving

Measures in Fahrenheit or Celsius

LCD display

Temperature Range: -50-300 degree

Low battery sensation

Price: KSh 413 Buy Now

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