Thigh High Boots For Sale In Kenya

Thigh High Boots also known as over the knee boots as they usually cover the leg up to the mid or lower thigh.

They normally keep the legs well supported and warm. Just like the ankle boots, they usually keep the feet well protected from mud and water especially when it is raining.

The upper material covering the leg ranges from are leather, soft suede and fabric such as velvet and denim . Denim, soft suede and velvet boots are popular during the hot season.

Boots are wearable and can be worn with a variety of clothing from dresses, skinny jeans, stretchy leggings, pants among others.

Price & Availability

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Type of Thigh High Boots Available For Sale In Kenya & How To Wear Them

Heeled boots come in different styles ranging from chunky, stiletto and block heels. They are versatile can be worn as work-wear or as casual wear especially during the weekend. Great for those who want to look taller, slim and elegant. They work well with shorts, short dresses and skirts. They can also be worn with mid-length dresses or skirts especially those with slits. You can also wear them over your leggings or skinny jeans especially during the wet cold season. Black boots should be worn with bright garments.

Summer Boots
These are lightweight and feature velvet , denim or soft suede material. Add them to your casual outfit be it a denim short or light summer dress during the hot weather. If you want the spotlight to be on your boots, wear a skirt or dress with a short hemline.

Flat Soled
Flat Soled boots are comfortable and will give an appealing appearance to the right outfit.

Buy Thigh High Here At Kilimall Kenya Ranging From Kshs 1000