Toaster & Sandwich Maker For Sale & Price In Kenya

toasterIf you are one of those who enjoy a piece of toast in the morning, getting a high-quality toaster or a Sandwich Maker is definitely a good option.

Whole grain toast, for instance keeps you energized and helps to keep the body metabolism running.

There are a wide range of toasters and Sandwich Makera available. They differ in their capacity, features and how they are constructed.

Toaster ovens also perform other tasks such as grilling, baking and roasting.

Price & Availability

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Sandwich Maker

2 Slice Metal Top Sandwich Maker

A sandwich maker makes sandwiches and also allows you to toast your bread.

2 Slice design

Metal Top

Non stick heating plate

Black & White

Price: KSh 1,990

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Types Of Toasters Available

Pop-up Toasters

Pop-up toasters are available as 2-slice toasters and as 4-slice toasters.

They have slots where bread slices are vertically positioned. When the slices are toasted, they will pop-up out of their slot.

2-Slice Toaster

These 2-Slice Toasters are compact in design and have 2 slots side by side.

Von Hotpoint HT222DS Two Slice Toaster

hotpoint-ht222ds-two-slice-toaster2 slice Toaster
Bun warmer
Stainless steel material
Browning control (7 settings)
Removable crumb tray
Defrost, Reheat & Cancel
Control buttons
Stylish design
Easy To Use

1 Year Warranty

Price: Kshs 2,450 View/Buy Now

Armco APT-2B1000(SS) 2 slice Pop Up Toaster

armco-apt-2b1000ss-2-slice-pop-up-toaster2 Slice Wide Pop-Up toaster
Stainless Steel material
Slide out Crumb Tray
Variable browning control
7 level timing control
Auto Pop up mechanism
Stop function timer
750 watts

1 Year Warranty

Price: Kshs 1,995 View/Buy Now

Ramtons RM/258 – 2-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster

ramtons-rm-258-2-slice-stainless-steel-toaster2 Slice toaster
Silver & Black
Stainless Steel
Adjustable browning
Power: 826 Watts
Wide slots (33mm) fits for all kind of bread
Easy to use
Compact size

1 Year Warranty

Price: Kshs 3,095 View/Buy Now

4-slice Toaster

Four-slice toasters are powerful and large with four slots.

Ramtons RM/195 – 4 Slice Pop Up Toaster

ramtons-rm-195-4-slice-pop-up-toaster4 Slice toaster
1500 Watts
Stainless steel
Full function
Defrost, reheat, cancel settings
Automatic and manual switch off
Adjustable crust control
Removable crumb tray
Elegant design
Easy to clean

1 Year Warranty

Price: Kshs 4,095 View/Buy Now

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Toaster Ovens

Toaster Ovens are compact and capable of performing other tasks such as baking or roasting. They have a tray inside where the slices are positioned in order to be toasted. They are able to toast a number of bread slices at once.

Ramtons RM/342 – Full Size Oven Toaster

ramtons-rm-342-full-size-oven-toasterToast, bake or roast
Makes up to 6 pieces of bread and 12 inches of pizza
Stainless steel Inner body
Stainless steel heating element
Has a Thermostat with adjustable temperature control
Built in crumb tray
Glass door with two-opening design
With power indicator light

1 Year Warranty

Price: Kshs 8,995 View/Buy Now

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Toaster Features


Toasters differ in size. Large units are ideal for large kitchen while compact sizes are ideal for those with limited counter space.


Toasters differ in their capacity. Some can be able to toast four slices or two slices at a go. Choose the appropriate capacity for your needs.


Toasters are made of different material ranging from plastic, stainless steel and chrome. Choose a design that will match with your kitchen appliances and also complement your kitchen setting.

Stainless steel models are stylish and durable.

Toasting Slots

Large and wide slots will be able to hold large slices.

Crumb tray

Crumb tray captures crumbs that fall off during the toasting process. This makes it easier to clean your counter-top area.

Other features includes reheat, defrost and bun warming features.

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