Where To Buy Baby Toys In Kenya

If you are wondering where to buy baby toys in Kenya, then this article is for you.
Toys play a major role in entertaining and educating your child.

There are different types of toys available for different age groups.

Educational toys are key in promoting learning skills such as writing, reading, art, problem solving and so on.

Entertaining toys include ride-on toys, rattles, musical toys and toy cars, among others.

Other toys include dolls, action figurines, plush toys, among others.

Prices differ from one category to another.

Price & Availability

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Types Of Toys Available

Educational Toys

There are a wide range of educational toys ranging from building blocks, musical instruments,  Puzzles, writing/drawing toys, letter/number toys and so on.

Arts & Craft Toys

Art and craft toys include coloring books, craft& art sets, paint sets and so on. These toys help in developing creative, concentration and fine motor skills.

Ride On Toys

Ride On Toys include battery-powered scooters, cars and bikes. These are great for exercising and physical play.

Pretend Play Toys

Pretend Play toys are ideal for role playing. These toys help to develop creativity hand-eye coordination, social skills and imagination. They range from doctors sets, cooking sets, shopping carts and so on.

What To Consider When Buying Toys For Kids

It is important to choose age-appropriate toys that are safe for your child to handle.

For older children, take into consideration, their gender and personality when buying the toys.

From birth to 6 Months:

Choose toys that encourage holding, grasping and exploring. Appropriate toys at this age include brightly colored toys. Rattles and teethers are ideal during the teething period. Musical toys that attach to the crib are also appropriate for early infants. Sensory toys such as squeeze balls are also appropriate.

6 Months to 1 Year

Choose toys that encourage reaching, hand-eye coordination and walking. These toys include push-pull toys, press and pop toys, rattles, squeeze balls and so on.

1 to 2 Year Toddlers

Choose toys that encourage physical & imaginative play, hand-eye coordination, role-play, creativity, problem solving, socializing and communicating. Ideal toys at this age include toy cars, wagons, kitchen play sets, books, shape sorting toys, puzzles, building blocks and so on.

2 to 4 year Preschoolers

Choose toys that encourage learning, creativity, imagination, pretend play and practice of life skills.
These are educational toys ranging from construction sets, art and craft toys, books, board games, musical instruments, dress-up dolls, pretend-play toys, cash registers, toy Smartphones and tablets.

Above 4 Year School-going Children

Choose toys that inspire skills such as problem solving, spelling, counting and matching. Appropriate toys include math solving toys, construction sets, electronic games, ride-on toys and so on.

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