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Video GamesThere are a wide variety of Cheap PS3 & PS4 Games available.

These video games are designed to work on specific or multiple gaming platforms.

Depending on what you are looking for, you will be able find appropriate video game for your type of gaming console.

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List of Video Game Genres Available

Sport Games

Sport games are usually very popular and feature sports such as basketball, rugby, racing and football games. Some of these sport video games usually require the gamer to carry out tactical challenges such as behind-the-back passes, cross passes and up-and-unders.


Football game Rated for Everyone

600 new emotional reactions

Dynamic Match Presentation

Authentic Player Visuals

Living Pitch

Better responsiveness and control

Off-the-ball tactics

Over 200 Player models

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Action Games

Action games includes shooter, fighter, adventure and rhythm sub-genres. Action type of games are fast paced and physically engages the gamer. They usually require the gamer to quickly react to what has appeared on the screen by pressing the appropriate buttons. Playing action video games has been shown to improve eye sight.

PS4 Infamous First Light Game

inFAMOUS First Light (PS4)Genre: Action/Adventure

Platform: PlayStation 4

Suitable for 16 years and over

Unravel Fetch’s dark past

See Fetch develop powers and become a trained killer

Fight to escape the notoriously harsh maximum security facility and seek revenge

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RPGs – Role-Playing Games

Role-playing games play out in a sequence similar to a movie and usually take a number of hours to play. They usually feature a particular story line.

Dance Video Games

Dancing video games allows players to follow super-fun dance moves of the on-screen dancers. Some of them come with on-screen lyrics so that the players can learn the lyrics and sing along as they dance.

XBOX 360 Just Dance Kids 2014

XBOX 360 Just Dance Kids 2014Platform: XBOX 360

30 songs from kids’ favorite Pop stars, TV shows, movies, and more

Brand new choreographies and duets led by real kids

Up to 4 players in multiplayer mode

Non-stop shuffle

Custom playlists

Fitness tracker

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Simulation Video Games

Simulation Video Games include war, business and role-play simulation type of games designed to simulate fictional or real aspects.

Minecraft For PlayStation 3

Minecraft For PlayStation 3Genre:Social & Economic Simulation

Build! Craft! Explore!

Rated for everyone above 10 years

Explore, build, and conquer

8-player online multiplayer mode

Build incredible structures

four-player split screen mode

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Armored Core V For XBOX 360 

Armored Core V For XBOX 360 or PS3Intense one-on-one battles

Robust offline mode

Online play mode

10-player competitive multiplayer modes

Customization options

Wide Range of Weapons

Rating: Teen

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Video Game Ratings

It is important to note that video games are usually rated to suit a particular age.

A rating of EC is ideal for young children aged 3 and above and implies that there is no unsuitable content.

A rating of E is appropriate for everyone, including kids aged above 6 years and the content may include mild violence or fantasy.

A rating of E10+ is appropriate for kids aged above 10 years and the content may include mild language, violence or fantasy.

A rating of T is appropriate for teens aged above 13 years and the content may include violence or gambling.

A rating of M is appropriate for young adults aged above 17 years and the content may include sexual content , intense violence or strong language.

A rating of AO is appropriate for mature adults only, aged above 18 years and the content may include nudity, graphic sexual content, intense violence or strong language.

A rating of RP indicates that rating is pending meaning that the game has not received final rating.

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