Best Watches For Men On Sale & Price In Kenya

You will agree with me that a watch is an important functional piece and also a fashion accessory for every man.

A wide variety of Best Watches For Men are readily available in the market today.

Watches come in different shapes, styles and sizes. Different brands are also available, and the most popular brand in the Kenyan Market is the Casio and Rolex.

Price & Availability

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Types of Watches Available

Luxury Watches

Luxury watches are high-end expensive designs made of fine material such as silver and gold.

Sports Watches

Sports Watches feature plastic or rubber band material and most of them come with digital display. Most of them are water resistant and also come with additional features for fitness tracking.

Dress Watches

Dress watches are perfect for formal occasion and usually have a classic, modest look.

Fashion Watches

Fashion watches are colorful and trendier. They come with stylish designs and ideal for casual wear.

Features To Consider When Buying  Men Wrist Watch

Watch Band Material

Watches come with different strap or bracelet band.The strap material ranges from stainless steel, leather, plastic and rubber. Stainless steel bands are ideal for office, business and casual wear.

High-end designs will come with gold plated bracelets.

Leather straps come as genuine leather or as synthetic leather and usually complement your everyday attire.

Rubber straps are ideal for sporting activity.

Plastic straps are stylish and have a sporty look.


How much do you want to spend? Price differ from one design to another depending on the features, type of material and brand. If you are looking for an impressive luxury timepiece, you need to spend more. An entry-level watch will cost less.

Shape and material of the Watch Case

Watch cases come in different shapes ranging from round, oval and square shapes. A round case is the most common and ideal for different outdoor occasions. A square shape is ideal for fashion watches. The case is made of different material such as aluminum, ceramic, stainless-steel, gold, resin , rubber and others.

Types of Functionalities

Are you looking for a watch with additional functionalities beyond basic time keeping. For instance, some watches come with stop-watch, alarm, GPS and calculator functions.

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