Water Dispenser For Sale & Price In Kenya-Ramtons, Von Hotpoint

water_dispenserA Water Dispenser is an appliance designed to dispense water from water bottles.

The water can be at normal temperature, hot or cold.

These dispensers are perfect for households, offices, gym, beauty parlors, medical clinics among others.

There are different types of dispensers. They include table top designs, free standing designs, top load dispensers and bottom load dispensers.

They are available in a variety of brands including Ramtons, Von Hotpoint, Mika, Armco among others.

Price & Availability

Check Water Dispenser Here At Kilimall Kenya Ranging From Kshs 1500.

Top load Freestanding Design

Top load dispensers are the most popular. They are practical and easy to use. Some of them are designed to provide efficient heating and cooling function. Free standing designs can be positioned at an ideal location on the floor.

Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

mika-hot-cold-water-dispenserHot & Cold water
Efficient cooling & heating function
Stainless steel cold & hot water inner tank
Low power consumption
Automatic temperature control
Hot & Cold taps
Durable push taps
Dry burning prevention
Silver & Grey color
Storage cabinet
Drip Tray

Price: KSh 9,915 View/Buy Now

Ramtons RM/429 Hot & Normal Water Dispenser

ramtons-rm429-hot-normal-water-dispenserHot & Normal
Stainless steel hot water inner tank
Automatic temperature control
Durable push taps
Low power consumption
Dry burning prevention
Easy to use
Top Load design
White color

1 year Warranty

Price: KSh 6,300 View/Buy Now

Von Hotpoint Hot & Cold Dispenser

von-hotpoint-hot-cold-dispenserHot & cold electronic cooling
Storage cabinet
Removable Black Drip tray
3 LED Indicator lights
2 Taps- Hot & Cold
White colour
An anti‎-bacterial design
Non slip feet
Easy to use

1 year Warranty

Price: KSh 9,595 View/Buy Now

Tabletop/Counter Dispensers

This tabletop dispensers are handy, portable and convenient. These are space savers and also affordable. They normally use medium water bottles of 3 to 5 liters. Some of them are non electric and can be used outdoors  and in camping areas.

Armco Table Top Hot & Cool Dispenser

armco-table-top-hot-cool-dispenserTable top
Hot and cool water
Super cooling
Stainless steel tank
Super quiet
Silver finish
Plastic body
2 taps

1 year Warranty

Price: KSh 6,695 View/Buy Now


Ramtons RM/443 – Hot & Normal Table Top Water Dispenser

ramtons-rm443-hot-normal-table-top-water-dispenserHot & Normal
Table top design
Heating power: 500 Wattage
White in color
2 taps for Hot and normal
Indicator lights
Compact size
3 to 5 liter water bottle
Easy to use

1 year Warranty

Price: KSh 3,900 View/Buy Now

Von Hotpoint  – Table Top Dispenser For Normal Water

hotpoint-hwdc10w-table-top-water-dispenser-white-normalFor Normal Water
Non Electric Model
Hygienic Dual Tap Design
Drip Tray
Drain Valve
Can be used anywhere
White color
Ideal for Residential Use
Easy to operate

1 year Warranty

Price: KSh 1,695 View/Buy Now

Bottom Load Dispensers

Bottom Load dispensers are the newer models eliminating the process of lifting the bottle. They are ideal for the elderly or those with back problems. The water bottle is normally positioned in an easy accessible bottom cabinet.

Water Dispenser Features

Hot Water Feature

Hot Water Feature indicates that the dispenser will produce hot water for making instant soups and tea.

Cold Water Feature

Cold Water Feature indicates that the dispenser will dispense chilled water.

Drip Tray

A drip trays will prevent spill-offs. Some drip trays are removable are easier to clean.

Storage Cabinet

A storage cabinet provides space for your cups, glasses and other smaller items.

Child lock

A child lock will prevent kids from operating the tap and spilling the water.

LED Indicator

LED Indicators are designed to indicate cooling or heating functions.


A faucet or tap usually  controls how water flows from the dispenser.

Refrigerating System

Refrigerating system enables the unit to dispense cold water.

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