Webcams For Sale & Price In Kenya

A webcam is a handy device used together with a computer/laptop for communication purposes.

This device will allow you to connect with your business colleagues, family and friends anywhere and at anytime.

This is a vital business tool used for video conferencing and interoffice meetings.

Some laptops come with built-in webcams, while others including desktop computers do not have, hence the need of an external webcam.

Their features and design differs from one model to another.

Their pricing also differ with cheaper models costing around Kshs 500 and high end models costing about Kshs 20,000.

Price & Availability

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Types of Webcams Available

Clip-on Webcam

A clip-on webcam is mounted externally at the top of the monitor. This camera is connected to the computer with USB. It also comes with an installation software. These clip-on webcams are ideal for slim monitors.

Free-standing Webcam

A free-standing webcam is usually designed to be placed on a flat surface next to the monitor. These are great for desktop computers and areas with large working space.

Webcam With Built-in Microphone

Webcams with built-in microphone are ideal for online video or Skype chats.

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Features To Look Out For When Buying A Webcam


Webcams come with either HD – High definition resolution or standard lower resolution. A High definition webcam with resolution of 1080P or 720 pixels will deliver high resolution clear images.


A glass camera lens performs better than plastic lenses even in low light.


Webcams with integrated microphone comes in handy and conveniently allows Skype or video chats. Choose one with a mic offering noise reduction for a clear sound during conversations.


Check to ensure that your webcam is compatible with the Operating system of your device.


Most of these web cameras connect to the laptop or computer via USB cable. Other cameras that are designed for home surveillance usually come with wireless connectivity option.

Built-in LED lights

A webcam with built-in LED lights is ideal for those intending to use the camera at night or in low light environments.

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