Wedding Gifts, Ideas & Price In Nairobi Kenya

In addition to the traditional Wedding Gifts, you can also find contemporary gifts that are both functional and decorative.

It is easier to buy gifts for couples who have suggested their preferred gifts in a registry.

For those without a registry list, there are plenty of categories to choose from.

Most popular category include home & living, which has kitchen, dinning, decor, bedding, and bath products.

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Here Is Our Top Wedding Gifts Ideas

Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are practical and essential.

Get a pair of Wine Glasses or a larger number that will come in handy when the couple hosts a party.

Price ranges from Kshs 400

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Duvet Cover Set

A Duvet cover is great gift idea. This set will make the bed comfy, friendly and welcoming.

The ideal set should consist of a duvet blanket with matching bed-sheets and pillow cases.

Price ranges from Kshs 1000

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Non Stick Cooking Pots

These cookware set provides essential pieces for day to day cooking.

The non stick design distributes heat quickly and evenly, preventing hot spots and sticking.

Price ranges from Kshs 1000

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Standing Photo Frame

This photo frame will allow the couple to frame their treasured moments and memories.

This is a decorative piece to have in every living room.

Price ranges from Kshs 1000

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This multi cooker will allow the couple to make delicious meals.

It enables the user to deep fry, bake, cook seafood, meat, poultry, vegetables, soup, porridge, pasta; make dessert and yogurt, and much more.

Price ranges from Kshs 10,000

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Flower Vase

This elegant flower vase with a modern design will catch your eye.

It is a stunning centerpiece that will add instant class to any dining table or entryway.

Price ranges from Kshs 400

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Kitchen Utensil Set

This 5-piece Kitchen Utensil Set comes with a spaghetti server, slotted spoon, ladle, slotted turner and solid spoon.

The handles come in attractive colors.

Price ranges from Kshs 400

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Foldable Laundry Basket

This laundry basket is ideal for any room in the house.

Great for storing dirty clothes, toys, linen and so on.

Fold-able designs are ideal for tight spaces.

Price ranges from Kshs 200

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Soap Dispenser

This is an elegant contemporary soap dispenser.

Some of them are automatic and offer touch-free operation.

The dispenser will help prevent cross contamination and germ transfer.

Price ranges from Kshs 600

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Modern 3D Wall Clock

This funny and creative modern 3D wall clock will give a different visual effect.

It comes as stickers and a fashion clock dial applied on a smooth surface to make a unique 3D wall clock.

It is an elegant piece of art that is easy to install.

Price ranges from Kshs 700

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Knife Sets

This colorful knife block set includes all essential kitchen knives needed for a fully stocked kitchen arsenal.

The knives have soft grips and stainless steel blades.

Price ranges from Kshs 800

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Lovers Pillow Cases

This pillow cases have love themed words.

These cases will look attractive, covering a pillow on a chair.

The pillows can be used to snuggle up and watch TV.

Price ranges from Kshs 1200

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