Wedge Shoes For Sale In Nairobi Kenya

Wedge shoes come with a fashionable look and gives a comfortable walking experience.

The sole is normally thick at the back area.

They wedged sole helps to distribute the weight of your feet evenly.

They feature a shorter heel than the stiletto and will give you the stability you need especially when walking in rugged outdoor terrain.

They are versatile as they can be worn with both mini and long dresses. They also work well with shorts, wide pants and jeans. You can wear them in almost all occasions.

They come in a variety of styles and are made of different materials. Their height also differ depending on the shoe style.

Price & Availability

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Type of Wedge Shoes Available For Sale In Nairobi & How To Wear Them

Flip flops
This style is ideal when you want your feet to breathe or when you want to show off your nice pedicured nails or too much foot. They are ideal for the hot weather.

Casual styles are ideal for parties and everyday go. Most of them feature straight wedged sole, string beads, tie straps, zip and other decorations. Casual styles are best worn with brighter colors and prints.

Sky High Platform Design
This design is fashionable and great if you want to make a statement and appear tall.

Sneaker Design
These is a sneaker with the additional wedge heel. This sneaker is both classy and stylish. Great for a party or casual event.

Ankle Strap Design
The ankle strap keeps your foot in position and is great for a busy day in the office or when running errands in town.

Contrast or Patch Work Design
This shoe is classy and comes with contrasting colors. Wear it in the office or in any casual event.

Buy Wedge Shoes Here At Kilimall Kenya Ranging From Kshs 700